Firm Structure

The firm was founded by Sabastine. Chidi Nwakwuoke who is a registered Estate Surveyor &Valuer. The Firm is supported by a team of qualified Estate Surveyors and Valuers and other qualified sub-professionals as well as qualified experienced technical staff. The organization is set-up in such a way that it can mobilize all its resources to execute any job quickly and efficiently to the highest possible ethical professional standards


This department handles all real Estate Management of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties under our portfolio. The department collects rent, premium due on apartment, solicits Monitor and executes performance of lease agreement, conducts routine check and investigation on property, prepare schedule of condition, dilapidation and effective repairs with our client consent and approvals.


The department handles all marketing aspect of our real Estate portfolio. Be it in letting, sale or purchase of Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties. This department plays important role in our organization by being the life-wire that supplies the firm with up-to-date data inflow in our research development and in our Valuation exercise.

Our network of offices and our intending expansion is poised to render quick and efficient services in real Estate delivery anywhere in Nigeria by quick sourcing, marketing, execution and successful conclusion from both financial and legal point of view of all briefs within our portfolio.


The department handles all our Valuation jobs ranging from Mortgage valuation, Asset Valuation, Compensation Valuation, Rating Valuation, Plant and Machinery Valuation. Provide Prompt Valuation services in Merger or Take-over, Fire Insurance, Balance sheet, Oil Spillage, Joint Venture development and Development Financing. This Department provides expert valuation services on compulsory Acquisition claims which include enumeration of crops and economic trees, structures and assessment of compensation payable there from whether for claimants or on behalf of acquiring authorities


The development department provides full project management services including initial feasibility study, finance procurement, site acquisition. As expert in the field of Project Management we engaged fully with our client and technical team in the conceptualization of the project, appointment of technical expert and team integration, Value Management and Deliverable of set project goals.


This department works assiduously to collect data on regular bases from both Micro and Macro Economic parameters and research on various real Estate issues concerning yields, security and liquidity of income and capital, lease performance execution and Monitoring, building Surveying, Urban renewal, spatial analysis and development appraisals.



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